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 Asbury Park Fishing Club 1921 Yearbook photo​

Next APFC Meeting
Monday, January 8, 2018
7:30 pm at 
1215 Sunset Avenue, Asbury Park

Organizational meeting for our upcoming 26th Annual Fishing Flea Market

Thanks to all APFC members
for their generous donation to
the Asbury Park Toy Drive.
You made Christmas
a little merrier for a lot of kids!
Happy Holidays to you and your families


The 26th Annual Asbury Park Fishing Club's Fishing Flea Market

The ORIGINAL Plug Show

Sunday, March 11, 2018

from 9 am to 2 pm

Convention Hall  ~ Asbury Park


   Asbury Park Fishing Club's First 

Catch & Release Tournament

Wednesday, Oct. 18 thru Sunday, Oct. 22   

Winner:  Larry Guo ~ 33 inch striped bass 

Thanks to Chris Buchta for running the tournament and to all who participated


          Shark River Gobbler Tournament

Wednesday, Nov. 22 thru  Sunday, Nov. 26

First Place: Shark River  23 pts 

No other teams had weigh-ins.


     Bradley Beach Invitational Tournament   

Wednesday, Nov. 1 thru Sunday, Nov. 5

First Place: Asbury Park  38 pts
Second Place: Bradley Beach  33 pts

Congratulations to Ed Forte (APFC) ~ Largest striped bass 29 lbs

APFC weigh-in: Larry Guo (9 lbs.)


Asbury Park Fishing Club Invitational Tournament

Wednesday, Oct. 25 thru Sunday, Oct. 29

First Place:  Asbury Park  66 pts
Second Place: Spring Lake 27 pts
Third Place:  Shark River 21 pts
Fourth Place:  Bradley Beach 16 pts

No other teams had weigh-ins.

Congratulations to Dan Russo (APFC) ~ Largest striped bass 41 lbs

APFC weigh-ins: George Burke (14 lbs) and Gene Amato (11 lbs)


Monmouth Beach CarToppers Fishing Tournament 

Wednesday, Oct. 11 thru Sunday, Oct. 15

 First Place: Spring Lake 62 pts
Second Place: Asbury Park 15 pts

No other teams had weigh-ins.

Congratulations to Dave DeGraw (APFC) ~ Largest striped bass 15.1 lbs


Bradley Beach Fishing Club Tournament

            Wednesday, May 31 thru Sunday, June 4     

First Place: Asbury Park 14 pts

No other teams had weigh-ins.

Congratulations to Tony Saunders (APFC) ~ Largest striped bass 14.3 lbs


Monmouth Beach Cartoppers Tournament           

Wednesday, May 24 thru Sunday, May 28   

First Place: Spring Lake 46 pts
Second Place: Asbury Park 42 pts

No other teams had weigh-ins.

Congratulations to Bob Matthews (Spring Lake) ~ Largest striped bass 18 lbs

APFC weigh-ins: Steve White (16 lbs & and 13 lbs) and Bill Bertsch (13 lbs)


Spring Lake Liveliners Tournament

Wednesday, May 3 thru Sunday, May 7

First Place: Asbury Park 57 pts
Second Place: Spring Lake 13 pts

No other teams had weigh-ins

Congratulations to Bill Bertsch (APFC) ~ Largest striped bass 15.9 lbs

APFC weigh-ins: Gene Amato (14 lbs) Bob Mirynowski (13.9 lbs) and George Burke (12.9 lbs)


Asbury Park Fishing Club Invitational Tournament

Wednesday, May 17 thru Sunday, May 21     

 First Place: Shark River  92 pts 

Second Place: APFC  77 pts

Third Place: Spring Lake  45 pts

No other teams had weigh-ins

Congratulations to Mike Commune (Spring Lake) ~ Largest striped bass 25 lbs 

 APFC weigh-ins: Larry Guo (17.5 and 11.9), Steve White (15.5 and 15.3), Ray Gaillard (14.5, 12.5 and 9), George Burke (12.5) and Tony Saunders (10.8 lbs)

APFC Most Valuable Fisherman for 2016 Tournaments

Larry Guo


The  Fifth  Annual

   APFC Deal Lake Carp Contest

    Prizes and trophies were award to:

Eric Olesen - $200 Most Carp Caught (18 total)

Dave DeGraw - $100 Largest Carp (15 lbs 13 oz)

Megan Zajac - $50 Second Largest (13 lbs 8 oz)

and $25 as Junior Winner 

Greg Smutko - $25 Third Place (12 lbs 3 oz)

  co-sponsored by the Deal Lake Commission

Thanks for making this contest on April 23, 2017 such a success! 


A big  THANK YOU  to all who made this year's 

Asbury Park Fishing Club's 

25th Anniversary Fishing Flea Market a huge success. 

We appreciate all of our vendors who continue to support this great cause.

To APFC members ... job well done!

  Click here for some great photos by Colin Archer of the 2017 Show



Asbury Park Fishing Club's Annual Fishing Flea Market

always the second Sunday in March

Check out the YouTube video of the 2015 show



Bill McFadden Most Valuable Fisherman

for 2015 Tournaments

Gene Amato  


Largest Striped Bass from Surf

Louis Feniger  ~ 32 lbs


Second Place

Bill Bertsch   ~   30.25 lbs  


Third Place

Scott Seib  ~  27.5 lbs  


Largest Striped Bass from River

Gene Amato  ~  30  lbs  


Second Place

Taylor Ring  ~  26.5 lbs  


Largest Bluefish

Rich Harbina  ~  15.7 lbs  

Asbury Park Fishing Club  2014 Award Winners

Bill McFadden Most Valuable Fisherman

2014 Tournaments   


Ray Soyka




Largest Striped Bass from Surf

Ray Soyka 45 lbs

Second Place    Vin Spahiu   ~   44.8 lbs  


Third Place    Dominic DiGirolamo  ~  42.2 lbs   




Largest Striped Bass from River

Chris Buchta  25.12  lbs   


Tied for Second Place    Gene Amato  and  Shawn DeVincenzo  ~  23 lbs 

Congratulations to all 

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Meeting and Membership Information

Asbury Park Fishing Club meets 7:30 PM every first Monday of the month at The Sunset Landing, 1215 Sunset Ave in Asbury Park.  Please check the Club's Calendar for meeting dates and events throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining the Asbury Park Fishing Club, please come to a meeting and complete an application form. Annual membership is $25.00 with a reduced fee of $5.00 for anyone over 62 or under 18 years of age.

Members of the Asbury Park Fishing Club are some of the best plug and lure makers in the World!

New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry

Now Available and Required of Saltwater Anglers


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