2011 Plug Makers for the Asbury Park Fishing Club's

19th Annual Fishing Flea Market


After Hours Custom Plugs

Glitter Plugs

Big Bites

Green Point Tackle

Big Ed's Custom Plugs

Hook’r Lures

Big Rock

Kevin Markow

Big Water Lures

Kugler’s Lures

Bill McFadden

Lemire’s Plug Works

(Rhode Island, New to your flea market)

Black Label Plugs

Lex Lures

Bodega Lures

Loki Lures

Choopy Lures

Luna Custom Lures

Classic Lures

MX Plugs

Cyclone Lures

One Star

D Mag

Rhode Island Poppers

Davis Lures

R V Plugs

DBA Surf Asylum Lures

Skip Snyder Custom Lures

Ding Bat Lures

Slap Happy Lures

DT Lures

Sunset Customs

Fisher Plugs

T Bone Plugs

Fish On

TB Swimmers

Fish on 8 Lures

Tom Clayton



















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